The internship report on ific bank

Allah the almighty has endowed human beings with the power inherent in them which if nursed, nurtured, cultivated, developed and sharpened can unveil the secrets of nature.

So here is the customer GAP is minimum where as providing satisfactory services are major concerns. National Bank Limited was born as the first hundred percent Bangladeshi owned Bank in the private sector.

Besides the objectives of the study is to have knowledge about dealing with the customer. Product and service offerings cover a wide range of technical support in Banking and Other business industry. With the use of data base TRAX can move to the right customer with right offer.

Today, corporate marketing budgets are allocated towards trade promotions, consumer promotions, branding, public relations, and advertising. TRAX marketing is viewed more as a two-way conversation between marketers and consumers.

While we are confident that NIB Bank will achieve strong growth in revenues, we believe it is necessary to create the correct foundation for sustainable growth into the future.

Secondary source

Keeping the target in mind NBL has taken preparation to open new branches by the year TRAX deal with voicers types of customer who are actively complain and they are less likely to spread negative word of mouth, to switch patronage, or to go to third parties with their complaints without concern of TRAX.

From the very inception it is the firm determination of National Bank Limited to play a vital role in the national economy.

The bank has developed many products and customer touch points in the last five years. Then it may help to increase competition.

Acceptance of UK may be affected by temporal changes, such as the current image of the country, or the quality of opposition like USA, Australiawhich cannot always be identified within a single quantitative study. Most of them have been very open and friendly with me and provided me with the answers I needed from them.

Table of Content 1. And ensure their both commercial and consumer warranties. It has a full time arrangement for speedy transfer of money all over the world. A customer can access Automated teller machine and withdraw money from his accounts at every location in the country.

To survive in this competitive banking world banks require developing appropriate financial structure and providing sophisticated operational services to attract more customers. Each of the centres is highly professional, unparalleled in functional efficiency and strategically organized to provide ample scope for future expandability and relentless enhancement of service quality.

By this service TRAX Developed its own service map where service team find out problems and provide solutions throughout the country.

Internship Report on IFIC Bank.

Internship Report

Assessment of Working Capital Limit. INTERNSHIP REPORT in Credit Analysis of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd for Asian University of Statements Bergers. Proposal to Increase Profitability of BRAC Bank Ltd. Life with Minimum Wage in Readymade Garments Sector in Bangladesh. AIOU Assignments.

Download assignments, previous papers and internship reports and much more only for AIOU students IFIC Bank Limited) was incorporated in March.

as a public listed and all rights and obligations of the former NIB Development. Leasing Corporation Title page INTERNSHIP REPORT ON NIB BANK Submitted to SUBMITTED BY. In this report has discussed about the IFIC Bank Ltd. Mission, vision, organ gram, of IFIC Bank Ltd.

In chapter four is basically discussion about retail banking and its product and marketing policy, Retail marketing, Channel development, Retail risk, Alternative Banking. Eastern Bank Limited (Bengali: ইস্টার্ন ব্যাংক লিমিটেড) is a private commercial bank headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

It was established inas a public limited company with limited liability under the bank companies act of Its share are listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange. The report is prepared on the extensive use of secondary data available in different texts, reports, journals etc, as well as primary data collected from the bank personnel by means of informal interview.

Ratio Analysis of IFIC Bank. Introduction This is a report of performance analysis of the company entitled IFIC Bank. The ratio analysis will help to find out the financial performance of this bank for the period of to

The internship report on ific bank
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