P1 unit 13 business resources

Attributes play a big part of any database as it strengthens the storage of information held. They also deal with negotiating business contracts.

European Working Time Directive. The only threat is that the worm will consume network bandwidth and space on the hard drives.

External recruitment they use the internet and flyers. Likewise with the warranty — they do not want to remove the warranty on the product, so sending it back to the manufacturer would be a more suitable idea than voiding the warranty trying to fix an issue themselves.

The second category of policies that Nexus has in place comes under cost. How to Write a Summary of an Article. CAA - Their purpose is to make sure that safety and performance is at the highest standard possible. Regulatory bodies Regulatory bodies exist to make sure that tour operating companies operate in a fair, honest, efficient, safe and secure manner, for the good of companies, their customers, suppliers and society at large.

One of the company policies that would fall into this category of downtime would be "Requests made by the managing director or accountant must be given top priority".

Unit 1, the Business Environment, P1

The term pay is interpreted in a broad sense to include, on top of wages, things like holidays, pension rights, company perks and some kinds of bonuses. Businesses can also sell their customer information to other businesses, this however creates negative customer feedback.

Political Tour operators have political factors that affect the tour operators are the laws and legislations, this affects the tour operators in a positive way as if anything happens the tour operators have acts to protect the company and the customers.

Job function is import and sales For that we need someone that works on Marketing and communication, which we will hire in England. They can also analyse data to compare to similar stores and see how it is performing in comparison. The reason this would come under the cost category would be that if the company was to unfortunately make a mistake in the repair process rather than sending the product to a specialist then it will cost them more money to fix the issue.

The second approach to promoting Heath Education is Community development.

Unit 16 - Human Resource Management in Business - P1 P2 M1

A tertiary business is one that provides a service to other business or individuals. This Act directly introduced the idea of a maximum working week of 48 hours to be maintained over a period of 17,26 or 52 weeks by workforce agreement.

Education To become an e-commerce manager, several things are required. The expert advice and customer complaints in a proper handling are important activities of the salesperson. People who are member of an agency they work for will get an e-mail or a text message.

Purchasing This area deals with the buying of goods and services for the whole company, if a department needs to buy something then it must go through Purchasing first, they also try to get the best prices. There is more chance of a macro virus being activated than a standard virus. Aldi Aldi Ltd is a global discount supermarket chain.

A written business document is used as a type of communication as it is seen as a more formal and professional way to communicate internally and externally within a business. Economic Tour operators have economic factors which affect their environment.

For example if they want to close a store down they will look at sales figures and see which store makes the least money, they can use this information to make an informed decision. Internal Sources Finance The finance department is responsible for the monetary side of a company, they deal with accounts and finances.

There are also many packages which can be used to create gantt charts or similar graphs, there are free as well as paid for solutions. Skills Skills are the main facts I am going to look for because the skills of a new staff is important to know.

Identify, using examples, the purposes of written business communications in four different business contexts Written Business Communications Introduction: As a result, Internet savvy job applicants have an opportunity to enter the e-commerce industry at the beginning of its growth.

Mass media can be very cost effective and have high costs such as advertising. Experience Experience is a must to get a job like this. By having these two policies in place will help with the security of the company and customer details in the sense that it helps to prevent the breach of the computer machines used from malicious files and malware which could take advantage of the computer to dig out important customer and organisational details.

People must not be discriminated against their material status, gender or sex whether it is Direct or Indirect discrimination. Resourcd PLUS!

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BTEC Business Extended Diploma Unit 1: Business Environment P1 This is the complete version of the coursework assignment, which has already been marked and approved by a teacher.

P1 unit 13

P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 M1 M2 M3 D1 D2 (Describe the type of busienss, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses). Unit 17 Wednesday, 2 May P2 - Resources available A project manager needs resources to complete any task, If any of these resources are missing or lacking then the completion of the project could be hindered or even completely halted.

Skills requirements - Another factor of human resources planning is evaluating the current skills of the employees and workforce. This can allow a business to help build up training programmes, experience and qualifications that employees already have and help progress employees which need further training.

Unit 18 P1 and P2 In this task i am going to identify and explain the roles of an event organiser. Below I am going to indetify and explain the roles a event organiser must do in order to run a event.

P1- Describe the marketing techniques used in the products or services of two different businesses You will be completing P1 and M1 through writing a report. To meet this criteria your work must reflect a business report format.

P1 unit 13 business resources
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