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I have seen the out side world and realised my foolishness. For everything Keralites depend on Karnataka or Tamil nadu to deliver.

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A concerned citizen living in kerala. It's very difficult," she said. This boy and girl are God's greatest gift to us," Omkari said. Use of university of students in wrong method in politics. Malayalis are hard working, industrious, and entrepreneurial. Nookukooli, or something called a supervision-tax, is the most ridiculous concept, where local trade union members can charge you for doing work in your own yard if your property falls under their residing area.

Cherian Thomas, Kerala The whole mute point is whether capitalism in its full glory will actually benefit Kerala or not. Kerala is a state where everything gets politicized. If the political parties and the general public are really keen on the betterment of the state we could see some results, if not this vicious cycle will continue.

This is also the tragedy of the presence of Catholic controlled-punitive and colonial-education in Kerala. But not when they are in Kerala. This channel was terminated on 31 March We have to wait and see the future of this state as many politicians both congress and communists are supporting the Islamists for gaining few minority votes ignoring the dangers this minority group pose to whole of India.

Its shocking to think that England's economy in the next year is set to collapse. This could reduce poverty and improve economy.

Kerala badly needs a visionary leader who has the power to make the vision come true. Rules, norms and enforcement matter. The higher education did not contribute much to the state's continuous development from the past. The History Channel — a hour history and biography channel in India.

Mr Jani receives a devotee in hospital At the end of his confinement, doctors noted no deterioration in his condition, other than a slight drop in his weight. However, the private sector only recently has begun to understand what it means to be socially responsible corporate social responsibility.

You cannot continue to get fruit when a socialist ax is laid to the capitalist root. Radical reforms or revolutions are hard here as the citizens are well brainwashed by the unions to sit back and do nothing to get paid. In employment too, they employ political clouts to fix jobs in states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra and so on at the expense of native job seekers in respective states.

World bank releases report, India still fastest growing economy

Only a combined will of all social,political and religious groups can find a solution to this stagnant state of affairs. How can Kerala succeed. I am not against communists. What is wrong with a money order economy if it goes along with high HDI. But communism fails to provide the capital necessary for sustained economic growth beyond the minimum standard of living.

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Zhejiang Geely Holding Group said on Friday that the company has not sold any shares in German carmaker Daimler AG, denying a Bloomberg report which said t (China).

The biggest ever global school rankings have been published, with Asian countries in the top five places and African countries at the bottom.

'Be It BBC or Guardian, Seems Standard Practice to Find Russian Angle' - Analyst

Singapore heads the table, followed by Hong Kong, with. Find the latest breaking news and information on the top stories, weather, business, entertainment, politics, and more.

For in-depth coverage, CNN provides special reports, video, audio, photo. BBC World Asia Business Report: Hong Kong's Donut Market Added on March 1, Donuts are widely popular amongst many Asian countries, but none has won the heart of Hong Kong’s people.

Bbc world asia business report
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